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First testbuild online, application stop

We managed to get the first testbuild online in these last hours of 2013. There is still some way to go until the public release of the demo, however we are confident that the testers will help us to get some annoying combat related crashes out of the way more quickly.

The response to the announcement of the closed beta was impressive, therefore applications are on halt for now.

Before we get into the next level of the test, including localized content and more extensive performance profiling, you can share your thoughts in the reorganized community boards. Probably you may find the resources about Outcast and the canceled Outcast 2 we linked there interesting as well.

We will keep you updated on the development progress.

Happy New Year everyone!

Closed beta of the demo

Instead of posting yet another screenshot of the demo maps and going back to radio silence for a while, our Christmas treat for this year consists in announcing the closed beta of the Outcast: Legacy of the Yods demo.

The application procedure is as follows:

  • Create an account at
  • Create an account in our board and send a PM to ArtAxiv with
    • Your full name
    • Your Crydev account name
    • The languages you speak
    • Following Hardware specifications: Processor, Size of Ram, Graphics Card and Operating System

Everyone can participate, the first build will arrive within the next two weeks.

The demo itself is not feature complete yet, however the complexity is too high for us to do the testing, bug fixing, finishing the features and polishing everything to get a convincing demo release in an acceptable timeframe.

We are aiming at reaching the same quality for gameplay as for the assets, so we would love to start collecting feedback from people trying out the game for the first time.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Interactive Music: “The Oasis”

Hey everyone,

We are still working on the demo, but in the meantime, our Composer, Edd Blakeley, prepared this fantastic post for you! Enjoy!

-Art Axiv


For the last forever I’ve been reworking the main wandering theme for Outcast: LotY (over 7 minutes long!). One of my goals this time round was to make it the soundtrack ‘horizontally interactive’ – a method rarely seen in indie games or smaller game developments like ours. 

TLDR: NEW MUSIC!!! :D … e-1-v1-for

A horizontally interactive piece of music is one that contains many layers, almost like a DJ mix, that can increase and decrease in volume depending on in game parameters, such as ‘danger level’, or player health. It’s a tricky task – all the layers have to musically align, so that there are no horrible dissonant chords for example, and it multiplies the amount of time needed for production a LOT, because you essentially have to write and produce a new track for each layer.

But, in the spirit of wanting LotY to be as high quality as we can possibly get, I thought I’d give it a go. The bonus is that there are now new mixes of ‘The Oasis’ theme that you’ll hear during the game: … e-1-v1-for

And this is the combat layer for it: … layer-demo

Notice how the layers line up? The combat layer will dynamically fade in during combat situations, increasing the tension for the player in a much more cinematic style. This feels much more fluid and natural than just ‘fade out wandering track – fade in combat track at 0:00’. The combat layer brings in a dangerous sounding choir and loads of military percussion to up the ante. Yikes!

I’ve come up with a way you can hear this happen for yourselves. There’s a great online DJ mixer called Until AM ( that allows you to mix two Soundcloud tracks together, scratch, spin, crossfade etc. It’s a great piece of web music tech meets geek tech – and you can use it to get an idea of what ‘The Oasis’ might sound like in game. To do this:

1. Follow this link that opens the Until AM player.
2. In the right hand search bar enter the phrase ‘the oasis layer’. This will show the two demo tracks I have uploaded of ‘The Oasis’. One is the wandering layer, the other is the combat layer.
3. Drag the ‘wandering’ layer into the left hand turntable, and then drop the ‘combat’ layer into the right hand turntable.
4. Drag the slider labelled ‘MIXER’ all the way to the left.
5. Hit the ‘1’ and ‘0’ (one and zero – NOT numpad) keys simultaneously. Hear the wondrous music!
6. Drag the ‘MIXER’ slider gradually to the right to hear the combat layer fade in. If done correctly, and the tracks are running simultaneously, the fade should be pretty much seamless. This is horizontally interactive music – grats!
7. Drag the MIXER slider all over the place like a wild beast in happiness at your achieve.

Wish you guys all the best and here’s to LotY!

Edd Blakeley
LotY Composer

Outcast: Legacy of the Yods

Hey everyone,
Today, I would like to announce what we are working on. The sheer amount of effort and skill which has been so far put into the upcoming release, makes it an accomplishment and an honor to introduce you to what open Outcast has become. Gamers, Fans, here it is.

Open Outcast has come a long way. Quite a long time ago, you had the opportunity to visit Adelpha through our Oasis 1.1 demo. Let’s take a look at how the world looked like back then:

The game now takes advantage of CryEngine 3. As many of you already know, a lot has been invested in order for the game to run independently. That’s right! The game is not a modification for Crysis Wars® anymore. This also means the game looks more beautiful than ever before, being developed with 1080p resolution and DirectX 11 features in mind. Vibrant and full-of-detail environments will welcome you to Adelpha – charming you and inviting you to stay for longer.

From many features, here are some most important ones:

  • A new HUD voice.
  • Fight against the AI.
  • New quests and surprises!
  • Revamped user interface.
  • Fully working saving and persistence systems.
  • Brand new level design and quests.
  • New, visceral music and sound effects!
  • Make some explosions using the LN-DUO II!

I would like to take this time to thank all of our fans and supporters for continuous words of encouragement we get almost every day from all around the globe. The progress and success of the project would not be possible without you!

You can now follow the new Facebook page for Outcast: Legacy of the Yods! Also, our Twitter account becomes active again, so I encourage everyone to send us some friendly tweets! We hope that we can also let you experience Adelpha as soon as possible!

On behalf of Team Eternal Outcasts,

Art Axiv

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