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Oasis 1.1 – Official release

By the Yods!


Oasis 1.1 is finally released!

You can download it from ModDB or

For more information on the release, please also visit our release posting on ModDB. Also don’t miss our Jobs section on the site, if you want to be a member of our team.

Thanks and have fun playing Oasis 1.1 and if you have any further questions, join our discussion at the Boards

Kicking off the Oasis 1.1 release countdown

Our second tech demo is arriving just as we didn’t announce a couple of weeks ago. Huh? Right. Better to release something without announcing it than the other way round, don’t you think?

Summer is coming to an end and the time has come to give you an update of what we were working on over the last weeks. Screenshots are always nice, videos demonstrate that features are really working ingame – but wait – there is even something much, much better to get you up to date…

Oasis 1.1

We went quiet for a while after the last article about our travelling system (except for the release of the Okasankaar artbook of course). Did we lose interest in pushing the limits of the Crysis Wars SDK in order to transform the game into an Action-Adventure? On the contrary! While preparing some news posting about the improved camera system we decided to hold back any further information till the completion of our next milestone: Oasis 1.1
While this meant some shortage of real updates over the last weeks, in the following days you will receive details about newly implemented features on a daily basis – and the best thing: you will be able to try everything out by yourself when the Oasis 1.1 technology demo is released on Saturday, September 18th. Time to lean back and follow the release countdown on ModDB!

The calm before the storm


Artbook & Issuu profile

There are some good news for those of you, who wanted to have the artworks from the artbook in a Hi-Res version. We now finished uploading all of the artworks to our gallery here on the site.

In addition to that, we created a profile on Issuu (an online page reader software) and published our artbook there.

Artistic insight – The official Okasankaar Artbook

Hey there!

It’s quite a long time ago, since we last posted some news here. But don’t worry…we are still there and are currently working on the first in-game region “Okasankaar”. As we are still in the concept phase at the moment, we decided to give you an artistic insight in the form of an “Artbook” on how Okasankaar looks in the minds of our concept artists.

The Artbook features drawings from all our concept artists and shows as well landscapes, flora & fauna and even some talan sketches directly out of Okasankaar. The artists were able to write a short comment to their pictures and in addition, the Artbook is being produced in high-quality to give you the possibility to print it out and enjoy it on real paper also ;-)

Use the link below to download the Artbook!


See you guys in the next news release!

The artists of ooc

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